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Football Cards UK completed the second phase of its refreshment programme during September 2014, and are now pleased to report that there are over 14,000 old and new, cigarette and trade cards on offer. Further additions will take place over the forthcoming months to offer you the greatest choice of cigarette and trade cards in a single shop. We began the introduction of some rarely seen and very old cigarette cards in September 2015, without compromising our quality promise; if you buy a 'mint' or 'very good' card from us, that is exactly what you will receive, delivered safely and quickly. Satisfaction guaranteed.

and there’s more..

We are continually adding to our online selection, but if you do not see the card you need, please email us – there’s a good chance we will have it in our offline stockroom. The offline stock room has many more cards from the Merlin, Pro Set, Match Attax and Shoot-Out series in particular. So, drop us an email if you fail to see what you want.

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Featured Football Cards:

Stephen Kelly 2012
Price: £1.00
Colin Blant 1969
Price: £2.50
Terry Hennessey 1969
Price: £2.50